Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wider than a postcard

Wider than a postcard

A group exhibition curated by Sven Davis

2 May – 1 June 2013
“It is not easy writing
someone a postcard.
The size and shape
of the card cut you
down to size…”
—Ron Padgett ‘Postcard’
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May 2013: Portland, Oregon is the location for Wider than a postcard, the latest curatorial collaboration between Arrested Motion’s Sven Davis and Breeze Block Gallery. Over 200 artists have been invited to produce up to 3 works each based on the traditional postcard format. The surface can be an antique postcard – either from a thrift store or maybe even from the family archive, a new shop-bought card or a home-made postcard on each artists chosen medium to the 6×4 inch size limit imposed. Each postcard can either start as a blank canvas or the new composition can be woven into the existing image on the card. The artworks are to be displayed in a grid formation to create an holistic installation of more than 400 individual artworks. The postcards must come from, and be named thus, a current or past place of residence and the thematic subtext is based loosely around place and belonging. The exhibition will also serve as a comparative survey of how artists interpret the same brief, giving a unique insight into the varying creative processes of each participant. 

323 NW 6th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209

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